Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sidetracked. Closing doors... for now at least.

Okay, so a bunch of stuff happened since I last posted. I created this to help me keep track of everything for myself and my progress, but as I've been a bit irresponsible with my updating, I have lost track of a lot of things.

I have opened many doors for myself in the past few months in a very short amount of time.

I began interning for a group called Auteur Studios as well as Kevin Flint of Dystopian Studios.

I didn't get to do too much work with Auteur Studios as my gig with Kevin was a paying one and in my head superseded the other, naturally. I was eventually getting swamped with my own personal creative stuff at home so decided to drop Auteur from my list of things to do. Also everything they had me doing was too much of a drive for me to go out on a consistent basis without pay.

Dystopian has a ton of potential behind it as far as where I can take myself artistically with it.

On the race track side of things, I have been shooting for M1GP and through them have had a few pictures published in a few places. I could definitely see this as something I would commit to if I were sticking around. I've been able to experiment with a bunch of techniques I've been trying to learn and use them successfully, as well as drastically improve my racing abilities. Although I've dropped bigger dreams of racing professionally, it's still an amazingly fun hobby I've finally grabbed on to and can now never let go of.

I've done a lot of vinyl wrapping work for my own personal stuff for the first time, and I'm pretty satisfied with the results. I can definitely use these new skills on future projects.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of other things, but artistically this is most of the stuff that's been going on. However, for as much progress I've been making, I'll have to put it all on hold as I've signed my life away with the U.S. Army as a field combat medic. In trying to begin a million different possible routes my life could take at the same time, it seems the military has won this race. It seemed like a logical thing to do to advance myself in the medical field, as I've recently decided to use my abilities for others instead of myself, and feel it would be a shame to let my medical training go to waste.

Also from a logical standpoint, my artistic endeavors can easily be done on the side of a medical career, whereas a medical career is kind of difficult to juggle around art related things. It just makes more sense both monetarily and in every other way.

Who was I kidding, I can't really escape my destiny as a medical caregiver can I?

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